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About Us

Our Story

Back in 1966, Mario Zuccolo founded F.A.M.A from his passion and culture for the wood in Manzano, a small town in Northern Italy.
From young age Mario learned the art of wood craftsmanship. At the beginning the F.A.M.A. was an exclusively artisan company in the wood sector and over the years has gained more specific experience in the field of furniture and home.

Passion and experience have been handed down from generation to generation and today the company is led by his son Gian Paolo with the same ideals of quality and dedication as his father.

Always faithful to its artisan origins, the company still retains the well-equipped carpentry and the attention to detail that has always had, bringing it this year to celebrate its 55th birthday.

We directly manage every stage of production and distribution to ensure that the final product that arrives in the customer’s hands is a product of unique quality and value.

Every customer’s commissions has a magical meaning for us: it is not just about working with wood, but it’s about taking care of the most special place for each person, the one shared with his family, his home.

Our Cutting Boards

Our goal is to make people know and appreciate the quality of Made in Italy artisan products in the world.

Each cutting board is made by a professional craftsmen specialized in woodworking. Its strengths are the quality and value of the raw materials. We spend an incredible amount of time and money selecting our raw materials, but the end result is incomparable.

For the realization of our products we only use solid beech, ash and national walnut wood, to make sure that our cutting boards are resistant and long lasting.

Our attention to detail does not stop to the wood selection, we also care about our customer’s health and we guarantee the safety of our products.

All cutting boards are treated with VOC-free oil, made with natural origin substances, ideal for treating wood intended to come into constant contact with food, making the surface repellent to water and dirt.

Certified in compliance with the EN71-III standard, it guarantees safety with regard to the release of harmful substances.

Why professional chefs and amateur cooks love FAMA DUE’s cutting boards

I have been using Fama DUE cutting boards in both my restaurant and home kitchen and since I bought them they have become indispensable. They are tough and solid but at the same time they have a very nice and elegant design

Chef Tony

This cutting board is gorgeous, I use it for both cutting and serving, every time my guests are amazed by the beauty of this board

Monica Casalinga

I was stunned by the quality of these products: the elegance and the feeling they give you are impeccable, the Firenze Il Magnifico cutting board has added a touch of class to my kitchen

Marco Manager

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