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Capri La Costiera

Why professional chefs and amateur cooks love FAMA DUE’s cutting boards

I have been using FAMA DUE cutting boards in both my restaurant and home kitchen and since I bought them they have become indispensable. They are tough and solid but at the same time they have a very nice and elegant design

Chef Sergio T.

this cutting board is gorgeous, I use it for both cutting and serving, every time my guests are amazed by the beauty of this board


I was stunned by the quality of these products: the elegance and the feeling they give you are impeccable, the Firenze Il Magnifico cutting board has added a touch of class to my kitchen


Modern classic

This exclusive cutting board with classic dimensions and alternative checkered design is suitable for every need, from home ones to the most meticulous and professional ones.

Capri cutting board is ideal for who is looking for a practical product without sacrificing quality and refined design. All our cutting boards are produced by professional craftsmen with solid beech wood, we manage and assist directly every stage of production.

medium size beech wood cutting board


Size: M
Dimensions: 29,5 x 21,5 x 2,8 cm
Weight: 1,2 kg
Material: solid beech wood


Size: M
Dimensions: 29,5 x 21,5 x 2,8 cm
Weight: 1,2 kg
Material: legno massello di faggio

medium size beech wood cutting board

Versatile and easy to maintain

The practical size adapts to all types of kitchen, the side grooves allow a firm grip and thanks to its elegant design it becomes an excellent aperitif tray for meats, cheeses or sandwiches.

The smooth surface and sophisticated design allows you to clean the cutting board in seconds with just a damp cloth. Do not wash in the dishwasher and do not let it soak.


The cutting board has been treated with a special oil that makes it impermeable to liquids. Our professional wooden kitchen cutting boards are antibacterial and approved for food contact.

Unlike plastic or stone, wood protects the sharpness of your knives, guaranteeing them a longer life.

medium size beech wood cutting board

Take advantage of our limited offers


Our cutting boards are 100% Made in Italy, in a totally artisanal way. Each product is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity which certifies its origin and quality.


The refined design and attention to detail make our cutting boards real pieces of furniture, elegant and refined, created to last over time.


We carefully choose the best raw materials to ensure a safe and certified product for food use.


Save time, all you need to do to keep your cutting board clean is to wipe it with just a slightly damp cloth.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones

Rediscover the pleasure of good food and good company

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italian cookbook ebook

Nonna Maria’s Secret Recipes

By ordering ANY of our cutting boards you’ll receive the Nonna Maria’s secret recipes cookbook for FREE

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For years Nonna Maria has collected all her best family recipes in a notebook that has been handed down from one generation to another. Now we want to pass this ancient cookbook to you, make good use of it.


Can the cutting board be washed in the dishwasher?2021-06-11T09:14:18+00:00

No, in order not to be damaged, the cutting board should only be cleaned with a damp cloth and dried immediately afterwards.

Can I use it to cut meat?2021-06-11T09:13:26+00:00

Yes, we only use raw materials certified for food contact.

How can I contact the assistance?2021-06-11T09:12:14+00:00

For any further questions or to get assistance write an email to

Where are your cutting boards produced?2021-06-11T09:10:27+00:00

Our cutting boards are completely Made in Italy, we directly take care of every stage of their production.

Do you ship worldwide?2024-02-27T08:31:50+00:00

No, we only ship to the European Union.


Why customers love Famadue


Love it I have struggled to find the perfect chopping board for me. As most are far to big or to small of break easily, or scratch. This is the perfect size for my small kitchen it is amazing quality.


This cutting board is PERFECT! I am frequently cooking and cutting in my kitchen so I am super picky with the products I choose to use. The cutting board is sturdy and of amazing quality! The board do not slip and it is perfect for any and ALL of your chopping needs. I highly recommend buying this board if you’re looking for a good quality item!


Exactly What I Was Looking for, Quality, Craftsmanship, and Made in Italy. The board is absolutely beautiful and it is the perfect size. I was a little worried about having to oil the board myself, but it was SO easy to do


Good quality. It’s a really nice cutting board well made, substantial and easy on the knives (unlike bamboo)

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