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Frequent Questions


Do you ship worldwide?

No, we only ship to the European Union.

Where are your cutting boards produced?

Our cutting boards are completely Made in Italy, we directly take care of every stage of their production.

What kind of maintenance do the cutting boards need?

The cutting boards, like all wooden products, must not be left damp or soaked in water. To ensure a longer life of your cutting board, lubricate it regularly with natural oil for wooden cutting boards. Together with the cutting board you will receive all the detailed instructions for its maintenance and care.

Is the surface of the cutting board non-slip?

Our cutting boards can be used on both sides therefore no external supports have been affixed to make it non-slip.

Can the cutting board be washed in the dishwasher?

No, in order not to be damaged, the cutting board should only be cleaned with a damp cloth and dried immediately afterwards.

Do the knives mark the surface of the cutting board?

It is possible that some marks and scratches may appear, however, wood is a natural material and over time these marks tend to fade and disappear on their own.

Can I place hot pans on the cutting board?

Despite having excellent heat resistance, it is always better to avoid placing overly hot pots on the surface as they could leave marks.

How can I contact the assistance?

For any further questions or to get assistance write an email to

Is the product organic?

Yes, we only use wood for the production of our cutting boards.

Can I use it to cut meat?

Yes, we only use raw materials certified for food contact.

When I receive it, is the cutting board ready to use or does it need some further treatment?

Yes, you can start using your cutting board as soon as you receive it.

Can the cutting board be used on both sides?

Yes, it can be used on both sides.

Is the cutting board capable of withstanding cuts of meat and other butchery jobs?

No, our cutting boards are suitable for domestic use and catering, they are not blocks for heavy butchery work.

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