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Roma Colosseo Deluxe

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50,0 x 40,0 x 3,0 cm


4,3 kg


solid beech wood

Extra Large beech wood rectangle cutting board with handles

Roma Colosseo Deluxe

This exclusive professional cutting board is tough and durable, designed to meet all needs, especially the most meticulous and professional ones. Its design and the meticulous attention to details, combined with its large size, make it a valuable quality product but at the same time tough and functional.

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Can the cutting board be washed in the dishwasher?2021-06-11T09:14:18+00:00

No, in order not to be damaged, the cutting board should only be cleaned with a damp cloth and dried immediately afterwards.

Can I use it to cut meat?2021-06-11T09:13:26+00:00

Yes, we only use raw materials certified for food contact.

How can I contact the assistance?2021-06-11T09:12:14+00:00

For any further questions or to get assistance write an email to

Where are your cutting boards produced?2021-06-11T09:10:27+00:00

Our cutting boards are completely Made in Italy, we directly take care of every stage of their production.

Do you ship worldwide?2021-06-11T09:08:16+00:00

No, we only ship to the European Union.


14 reviews for Roma Colosseo Deluxe

  1. Barbara

    I’m very excited about this cutting board. It’s absolutely stunning, even more in person than in the photos, which I didn’t think was possible.
    The board arrived surprisingly fast, the box was well packed and the package very nice, a solid 10 out of 10

  2. Xavier

    Large, practical and solid, I couldn’t ask for anything better. I also really like the fact that it can be used on both sides, allowing me to cut an infinite amount of food without ever having to wash or clean the surface between one ingredient and another.

  3. Karin

    I am really glad I ordered this cutting board. This size is a great option for my kitchen. I also like the weight of this board – heavy enough to give stability but not too heavy to lift. After a month I put about three layers of food grade mineral oil on all sides. This helps seal the wood and should be done regularly. Really a good price for such a product.

  4. Marta

    I really like the grooves on the side of the board for easy lifting. This will come in handy when I use it as a Charcuterie platter. I intend to use this table in so many ways… decoration (since it is really too pretty not to be displayed), cutting board, tray to bring snacks to friends during aperitif time, etc.
    You won’t regret buying this product!

  5. Laura

    After a few months of use and care, I am very happy with this cutting board. It shows some cut marks, but I don’t mind, after all, I bought it to cut things on it. I apply the oil regularly and never let it soak. When I wash it, I use soap and only a little bit of water and dry it as much as possible, then let it sit on its side to dry the rest of the way. I firmly believe that if you take care of it properly it will last you for life!

  6. Henry

    Unlike the checkerboard-style chopping boards I’ve had, this model is more strong and has a lower risk of breaking. I have used it several times and cleaning is very simple, I suggest to follow carefully the instructions. Excellent product, confirms the quality of Made In Italy products.

  7. Cathy

    I love this cutting board for its quality materials, workmanship and optimal size. The surface is large for any job, from cutting food to pizza or bread dough. The thickness gives the board enough weight to stay in place. The finger grips allow me to use it as a serving tray as well.
    I recommend everyone to follow the maintenance instructions and you will have an everlasting cutting board.

  8. Erwin

    I bought the Roma deluxe cutting board because of its size and because it seemed like a quality product. When I received it I was amazed by the fine workmanship and the wood used. I recommend that you keep it away from water and follow the instructions, after two months of daily use it still looks new. Highly recommended!

  9. Bill

    Perfect delivery, impressive cutting board! Huge! The packaging in which it arrives is also very nice, I’m surprised! I started keeping it always on the kitchen’s island, along with other cutting boards for specific jobs. Very useful and it gives you the possibility of using it in zones and cutting several things at the same time without mixing them.

  10. Yvonne

    Highly recommended!! I would definitely recommend this board to anyone who loves a cool and trendy cutting board that doesn’t lack craftsmanship! I also highly recommend giving it as a gift!

  11. Magnus

    Quality: I love the thickness and sturdiness of this board. The details of the wood grain are so beautiful and unique. I cut the veggies on my board and it still looks brand new. The board is completely smooth and crafted really well!

  12. Jami

    I am so happy with my Fama Due cutting board that I want to buy all their boards! I love opening presents and that’s what it feels like to receive this cutting board in its cute packaging! It would be perfect to send as a gift

  13. Mattia

    The artistic design of this cutting board has truly exceeded my expectations, so much that it remains in display in my kitchen. However unique and beautiful, it is clear that quality and functionality have not been compromised during its design. Another thoughtful touch was the packaging. I can say with certainty that now I know what to gift everyone for Christmas this year!

  14. Justin

    The cutting board was wonderful and I also loved the recipe book as a gift, easy but tasty recipes, a real immersion in Italian culture and quality.

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